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About Nord Italia GOM

Nord Italia Gom is a company established in 2003. It operates in the field of production of industrial rubber gaskets. After a 10 year personal work experience in the Italian market, the administrator z.Arsen Breshanaj started the first steps of establishing a specialized Albanian company in the production of rubber gaskets as the first company in the Albanian market of this type. Throughout the activity, the enterprise has had a sustainable growth with expanding its activity by increasing the number of presses for stamping of the products from 2 to its beginnings to 12 currently. We operate mainly in the Italian market through the export of our products by being partner with some of the leading companies in the field of the production of the rubber gaskets. Our company realise product management across all chains of production through the implementation of the Total Quality Managmant philosophy. Except of production, which is our main activity, we recently have diversified our activity, offering also the international transport service through our vehicles. 
Our primary objective is to better fulfill the requirements of our clients according to the required standards. Increasing the quality level is our priority, being always ready to serve our existing clients and new potencial clients.


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